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Modern Day Renaissance Woman

No one says "I want to be a voice actor, life coach, singer, craft coffee maven when I grow up." And yet, here I am! Never one to shy away from the whisper of inspiration, I've lived in many places and worn many hats, finally to settle with my husband and two kids in Napa, CA where everyday I play in a pool of passion projects including making music, raising strong voices, and self development. All fueled by delicious coffee that my husband roasts himself.

Voice Actor | Life Coach | Singer | Craft Coffee Maven


Longing for something more flexible & creative, I left my day job as an Occupational Therapist when I became pregnant with my first child in 2009. I've trained with the best, and have been behind the mic ever since.


From national commercials & corporate narration, to video games & toys, my voice has been heard all over the world.


In 2023 I walked the red carpet in Beverly Hills as a nominee for Outstanding Voice Over in a Radio Commercial at the SOVAS Voice Arts Awards.


I also got the opportunity to live announce (VOG) President Biden's APEC Gala in San Francisco, announcing the VP Kamala Harris, CA Governor Gavin Newsom, and that night's entertainment, Gwen Stefani!


But it's not always glitz and glamour. I mainly work from my home studio equipped with a Neumann TLM-103 mic and Source Connect. Check out some of my work below and click through to my VO website for more.


And check out the VO work of my talented kids, too! 

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Jennifer Knight Commercials
Corporate Narration VO Sample
ClosetMaid - The State of Organization
Optimum WiFi  This Is Huge
Costco Red Carpet Effie Award Video
NEW Firefox Lockwise in the Firefox browser
LensCrafters   Blue Light
Connecticut Childrens Hospital TV

After a health crash in 2019, I was looking for more out of life. I started coaching in 2020 with the Life Coach School and experienced so much transformation that I decided to become certified myself.

The next step in my healing journey was to look at the imprints of trauma in my own life. I achieved an Advanced Certification in Trauma Informed Coaching focusing on nervous system regulation and its impact on mindset.


This approach created so much joy and freedom for me that it's allowed me to rethink midlife and what's possible. Now it's my mission to empower midlife women to break the mold and design a life they love.

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Life Coaching

Singing has always been a part of my life, from choirs & musical theatre, to professional bands in Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville, and San Francisco. In 2019 I started writing and recording music with my guitar player husband and my best friend, Latifa.


Our band, Mama Said, is now releasing our debut album entitled "Change in the Weather," produced by and co-written with Goo Goo Dolls keyboard player, Jimmy McGorman in Los Angeles.


Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere you stream music. 


In 2022, 2023 & 2024 Mama Said played Bottlerock Music Festival alongside headlining artists including Metallica, Lizzo, Sheryl Crow, Post Malone, Duran Duran, Pink! Ed Sheeran, Stevie Nicks and more.


Check out the band's website & socials for shows and new releases.

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Music / New Album

Around here we're fueled by the specialty coffee business I started with my husband Derek in 2016, Ohm Coffee Roasters.


Derek creates roasts inspired by the seminal amplifiers of the rock & roll era. It's his opportunity to geek out about amps, playing guitar, and the craft of roasting great coffee in our family run business.

In 2023 we opened a new roasting production facility and coffee cupping lab in Napa, CA. 


If you're in Napa, come visit! We offer tours and coffee education and tasting experiences by appointment. Or, check out our mobile espresso truck at Farmer's Markets and events around Wine Country.


You can order Ohm Coffee online and we ship anywhere in the US.

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Ohm Coffee
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